Coconut shy, Hook-a-duck, dart-a-card, hoopla, and tin-can-alley are just some of the fantastic classic fun fair stall games that we have to offer. Great fun for outdoor events (and indoor, depending on size of venue) these fun fair stalls will amuse guests of all ages for the duration of your event. Although recognisable, these classic fun fair games will add a unique twist to your function or event, and they can be hired individually or as part of a group. Our stall hire team will deliver the equipment, set up the funfair stalls, and man the fairground stall for the duration of your event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. With prizes available, guests will be queuing up to have a go on our fabulous array of fairground stalls.

A funfair games stall is a great addition to almost any event, and our funfair games for hire are extremely popular with family fun days, corporate functions, fundraisers, weddings, and more. If you are hosting a themed event and were looking for a fairground theme then you must hire side stalls for an authentic feel. If you were looking to theme your event then we also have a great array of services to help you, including backdrops, décor, props, music, catering and much more. Through us you can also hire funfair rides, giant games, fun inflatables, arcade machines, etc. Hire fairground rides and attractions in bundles to receive great discounted rates, and really impress your guests.

As mentioned above we have a wide range of stalls for hire, offering every possible classic fairground game. We can supply stalls for events up and down the country and our funfair rides for hire and side stalls hire services are available throughout the year. To find out how you can bring these fun, fantastic entertainment products to your next event, give our sales team a call. We have vast experience in the entertainment industry, and side stalls are one of the most popular products that we have available. Due to our experience we can offer great advice and guidance to customers looking to hire fairground side stalls and fairground rides through us. We will help you choose the right entertainment for you and your specific event, opening your eyes to all your available options. So pick up the phone and give us a call today to get your event or function moving in the right direction.